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Loungefly! Leather: Disney Snow White Stain Glass Mini Backpack

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There’s nothing quite like the magical feeling of watching a Disney happy ending. With Loungefly’s Stain Glass line, you can carry the happily ever after of a Disney Princess wherever you go!

Next in this line is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs–the story of a beautiful princess who must flee from her vain and murderous stepmother. When she falls victim to the Sleeping Death, her prince awakens her with love’s first kiss and carries her away to his castle to begin their happily ever after.

This enchanting backpack shows Snow White in the prince’s arms as they gaze lovingly at one another amidst rolling hills bathed in gorgeous sunlight. They’re surrounded by the seven dwarfs gleefully celebrating her awakening along with various motifs inspired by key moments in the film, from the poisoned apple to the box in which the Queen intended to store Snow White’s heart. The scene is complete with blue vegan-friendly leather and yellow piping, perfectly complimenting the vibrance and sheer beauty of the stained glass art style.


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