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Divoom Pxl Art Backpack-S Display Bag With App Control-D/Blue



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Weather Resistant

Backpack S features the weather resistant design, where it can protect your precious cargo in rainy days.

The All-Around Backpack

Divoom Backpack S is also a fashion icon. You can wear this backpack for any occasion regardless your age. Whether is a school day or a comic convention, you and Backpack S will be the center of attention.

Full Open Design

Backpack S features a full open / fold flat design for an easier access and placement. Capable of both full open or semi-open access. Capable of folding flat for the item’s arrangement. Easy for the interior clean and maintenance

Evolving Software

We are committed to develop and improve the software. We will continue to develop the software, so you can enjoy the new functions through free software updates.


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