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Barner Chamberi Black Noir Glasses


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hanks to their properties, they help to enjoy a better night's rest, improve concentration and comfort and help keep the retina healthy. The color, comfort, flexibility, and lightness make Barner glasses the best alternative to protect yourself from the blue light of digital devices.

  • Non-prescription: ideal for people who do not wear prescription glasses.
  • They help prevent Computer Visual Syndrome (SVI) and sleep disorders.
  • Anti-scratch layer that prevents scratches on the lenses.
  • An antistatic coating that ensures a dust-free vision.
  • hydrophobic. Prevent water droplets and oil stains from remaining on the surface.
  • Easy to clean. The completely smooth top coating allows liquids and dirt to roll off the surface effortlessly.
  • Ultralight frame with hinges and flexible temples that increase comfort while worn.
Technical specifications
  • High-quality CR39 lenses reflect harmful blue light.
  • Protection: They block 40% of blue light in the 430nm spectrum and 100% of blue light at 410nm.
  • Layers: anti-scratch, anti-static, hydrophobic.


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