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Royal Kludge 61 Usb Cable/Wireless Bluetooth 3.0RGB Lighting Led Backlight Mechanical Gaming Keyboar(Blue Switch) Rk61-01


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  • 1.Dual-mode connection: This product can be compatible with Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10/XP/Vista/MAC/Android and IOS systems in wired and Bluetooth modes, and can connect up to three Bluetooth devices for switching at the same time in Bluetooth mode.
  • 2.Gorgeous RGB backlight: 16.8 million color RGB mechanical keyboard, 18 kinds of lighting mode switching cycle, light brightness and speed are adjusted by 5 blocks respectively. Having these modes at night, whether in games or in office, can add some fun to you.
  • 3.Simple and portable: 61-key Compact layout, miniature keyboard. Lightweight, comfortable, light weight, small size, simple shape and portable, suitable for office and family use, in order to save more space.
  • 4.Ergonomic design: RK ROYAL KLUDGE 61 mechanical keyboard ergonomic arc and ladder design, reduce fatigue in use, bring comfortable feeling to customers, minimize fatigue after long-term use, design for games and office workers.
  • 5.Mechanical switch: Mechanical switch is available in two ways, including blue switch and red switch. Its service life is up to 50 million times longer than that of ordinary keyboard switch, which is 10 times longer than that of ordinary keyboard switch.


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