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OIVO Multifunction Cooling Stand (Iv-p5246)



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PlayStation 5 cooling pad with 2-pad dock, 15-game rack, PS5 remote control holder and headphone holder.

The stand allows you to put the PlayStation 5 console vertically. This saves space. The stand is made of strong plastic, so it can be used for years. Stand equipped with 2 fans to keep the console cool. The station has 2 DualSense pad docks for charging them, a headphone holder and a stand for 15 games. In addition, it is equipped with 2 USB ports and 1 USB-C for charging and data transfer.

Key product features:

  • New high-quality 2-fan stand for PS5 UHD - CD version and PS5 DE Digital Edition - CD-free version
  • The dual fan helps to reduce the temperature of the console, extending its life
  • 2 USB ports and 1 USB-C for charging and data transfer
  • 2 pads can be charged simultaneously on the stand. Charging takes place via the adapter from the set (USB-C from the pad to the magnetic connector in the stand)
  • 4 pad adapters included
  • LEDs, separate indicator for 2 pads: red light - charging, green light - fully charged
  • Holder, headphone stand
  • Built-in rack for 15 games
  • Place for the remote control for PS5
  • Metal bottom of the stand for greater stability and better heat dissipation
  • Black colour


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