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Nemesis Now Lord Of The Rings Rivendell Goblet 19.5cm

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Officially Licensed Lord of the Rings Rivendell Goblet 19.5cm

The stem of this Goblet Is formed by curling tree branches entwined in bright green vines. The base is pure white and edged in gold, and features intricate detailing, scattered with pear shaped clear jewels. The cup of the Goblet mirrors the white detailing on the base. Just below the rim there are gold embellishments replicating Arwen's crown. In the centre the word 'Rivendell' is emblazoned in gold, and just below sits a Silvered Leaf of Lorien below Arwen's Evenstar. This exquisitely designed piece is cast as well as the finest 'Elvish' resin before being expertly hand-painted.


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