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  • Ultra-light beehive design: the structure of the MMEX eliminates unnecessary trims thanks to the Hive design: an aerodynamic housing that minimises air resistance and weight of the peripheral device to provide a 75 g mouse that is so fast and easy that it seems to float on your mouse pad; choose the version that best suits your setup. and enjoy three Various surfaces: black, white and pink
  • [32000 DPI Optical Sensor] The MMEX has the best optics available in gaming mice. The specially designed PixArt 3389PRO optical sensor is ready to guarantee extreme action and exceptional control: up to 32000 DPI for unlimited gaming; but beyond the high DPI number, this optics offers absolute precision at low DPI settings. and full control over the Sensor, including the most advanced features, provides performance and features not reached by simpler optics
  • RGB chrome lighting: the MMEX RGB Chroma lighting system has up to 16.8 million colours, so you can choose the style that best suits your setup. The downloadable software allows you to design from the lighting and the RGB chroma LED effects to various programmable macros as well as the functions of each buttons and power parameters
  • Advanced play functions: The MMEX has the highest quality professional features specially selected for a unique, high-quality experience: exclusive cable in feather paracord design, housing in hive design, scroll wheel with non-slip rubber surface, 100% premium PTFE Teflon feet, gold-plated USB port, ergonomic structure and the most advanced software that can be adapted to every detail. Thanks to a construction, which offers flexibility, durability and lightness, the resistance is reduced to a minimum and a wireless mouse feel is achieved
  • Programmable optical switch: The MMEX mouse is equipped with the most advanced optical switch technology that offers a 300% faster response time and a 50% longer service life than the best mechanical switches on the market; the MMEX switches have an infrared beam with a response time of only 0.2 ms and completely eliminate the Electric debouncing. delay" and the double-click problems of conventional mechanical switch technology. You can also program up to 7 buttons to easily adjust the MMEX to your gaming style, including an additional button on the bottom of the mouse


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