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Loungefly! Leather: Disney Villains - Triple Pocket Glow In The Dark Mini Backpack


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Step into the lairs of some of Disney’s most wicked villains!

In every story of good versus evil, there’s a villain at the root. Disney’s villains, several of whom are inspired by real-life figures, play integral parts in their respective films. They are theatrical, diabolical, and self-serving, reigning their own brand of terror upon all those who dare to oppose them. Though their ill intentions do hinder their targets, ultimately, it is their own undoing.

This backpack features three zipper compartments and glow-in-the-dark details as four villains scheme under the cover of darkness. At the top, the evil Queen Grimhilde brews the Sleeping Death into an apple deep in her castle. Below, Hades ignites blue fire between his fingers as Pain and Panic look on frightfully. The third pocket features the parlor of the Shadow Man, Dr. Facilier, alight in the red glow while deep underwater, the sea witch Ursula plots a devilish plan with Flotsam and Jetsam. On the back, four symbols representing each villain appear. 


Glow in the dark Faux leather Adjustable shoulder straps Printed details


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