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IndiGaming POGA Lux 24-Inch Portable Gaming Monitor


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No small dreams. Get the best to compete with the best.

With the POGA Lux your brand-new PS5 gets a new home wherever you are. Enjoy the beauty of gaming on a pro level with pro equipment!

The Lux comes with a 24 inch gaming screen by AOC, which shows you the details a PS5 brings with it in every game on another level. 

The frameless built-in gaming screen let you fully immerse in the virtual world.

Compatible with PlayStation 5 disc and PlayStation 5 digital.

Color: Black 
Inlay: PS5 disc / PS5 digital
Console included: No
Trolley: Yes (removable)
Monitor: AOC - 24G2SPAE/BK

Screen size: 23,8 inch
Refresh rate: 165Hz
USB Hub: ICY BOX IB-HUB1426-U3 USB 3.0
Dimension: Height 58 cm x Width 39 cm x Depth 18 cm
Weight: 9,9 kg
Protection class: IP 52 certification
Materials: Aluminum / composite material
Production: Made in Germany

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