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Glorious GMMK RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard White Ice



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The Glorious GMMK Compact White Ice Edition - Gateron-Brown, US, White gaming keyboard is the ideal resource for all gaming geeks who want to unleash true hell on their opponents in virtual reality. The models lightning-quick response speed and tough and rugged keys provide excellent traction, so your opponents can start quaking in their virtual boots. The White colour scheme of this Glorious GMMK Compact White Ice Edition - Gateron-Brown, US, White along with stylish backlighting makes the keyboard a fine accessory to match your PC case. The pleasantly compact size of the keyboard also gives you plenty of room for moving your mouse. Mechanical switches provide specific tactile feedback, making every gaming session a real delight.


CHOOSE ANY SWITCH We offer several different MX switches to pick from. Each switch has its own unique feel, sound, and experience. FUNCTIONAL FORM Rubber feet and pads to prevent your keyboard from sliding. Keycap puller holder included. MACROS & HOTKEYS Create and assign macros to any key with our GMMK software. Secondary icons printed on only pre-built keyboards. DISCREET LED INDICATORS Soft Nums/Caps/Win Lock lighting that is easy on the eyes.


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