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Dragon Ball Limit Breaker Ultra Instinct Goku Action Figure



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  • REALISTIC GOKU FIGURINE | This 30cm Ultra Instinct Goku Dragon Ball figure lets you play out the epic battles and adventures of the Dragon Ball Super manga and anime series on a massive scale. These giant anime figures are fantastic Dragon Ball toys for boys, girls and fans of any age.
  • ULTRA INSTINCT GOKU | Goku the Super Saiyan is one of the main anime heroes of the Dragon Ball manga and anime series. This Dragon Ball action figure shows Goku in his Ultra Instinct form, in this form his consciousness is separated from his body, allowing him to act on instinct.
  • SUPER SIZED AND ARTICULATED | Bandai's Dragon Ball Limit Breaker range of anime action figures are an incredible 30cm tall and have 5 points of articulation allowing you to pose these Dragon Ball Super toys however you like. Their size makes these perfect adults or kids toys.
  • PERFECT FOR PLAY OR DISPLAY | These Dragon Ball Limit Breaker models are great for battling it out between themselves or with other anime figurines and they can also be posed for display. These Dragon Ball Super figures will stand out in any collection of anime toys and other Dragon Ball merchandise.
  • OVER 16 TO COLLECT | In addition to Ultra Instinct Goku, there are over 16 anime characters to collect in the Dragon Ball Limit Breaker set. Have fun playing with all of your favourite Dragon Ball figures with these collectable toys.

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