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Dragon Ball Limit Breaker Series Golden Frieza


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  • Bandai’s Dragon Ball super limit breaker 12-inch figure: fans, collectors, and kids of all ages will be thrilled by bandai’s dragon ball super limit breaker figure. It brings the exciting world of dragon ball super right into your home.
  • The 12-inch Bandai’s Dragon Ball Super Limit Breaker has a super authentic look so you can recreate your favorite scenes from the TV show. It is both playable and durable and will survive any battles you put it through.
  • Cool anime inspired packaging: figure comes packaged with impressive japanese inspired graphics that makes it look cool and feel authentic
  • Authentic articulation and realistic details: high quality, the well-made 12-inch figure has 5 points of articulation for you to perfectly pose, play, and display your love of the character and the world of dragon ball super.
  • A whole world of dragon ball in 12 inch scale: fans can easily find a full range of r favorite characters and collect them all to build their own world of dragon ball exclusively from bandai (each figure sold separately).

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