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Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Card Q Posket Sakura Kinomoto Ver. A


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  • This bundle includes the main item and one randomly inserted anime/manga/game related trading card (may be inside the product packaging). There's a chance to receive a valuable rare card! If you return this item, the trading card must be returned.
  • The "Q Posket" product line makes anime figures that are in a chibi style with big round eyes emphasizing the cute factor.
  • These figures could only be found in Japan's UFO Catcher games, and are difficult to get the exact figure you want.
  • Figures in the series are usually ~7cm to ~17cm tall (NOTE: Due to the unique design of each figure, the actual size may be different than stated).
  • 100% authentic and officially licensed. Acquired from the manufacturer's authorized USA distributor. Originally available only in Japan, this figure has been imported into the US for all fans of the media franchise. NOTE: This is a valuable imported collect?ible item, and due to the content of its original material, it is ONLY suitable for collector 15+.


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