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Giving his salute and battle cry with clenched hands and arms crossed over his chest, a Wakandan gesture, a symbol of great respect, the avenging feline monarch hero poses in his advanced black technological attire on a rocky base shaped like the panther's head on the front. COMICAVE™ and Iron Studios present the Black Panther The Infinity Saga MiniCo statue featuring the majestic Avenger and defender of the advanced African kingdom of Wakanda. King, warrior, and superhero, T'Challa the Black Panther is all that and more. Prepared from a young age to become the ruler of a mysterious kingdom in Africa, highly developed with advanced technology, yet preserving their ancestral tribal traditions in complete harmony, his skills were further enhanced after ingesting a rare mystical heart-shaped herb. Honorable, T'Challa is polite, respectful, and considerate of his friends and allies. In addition to his kindhearted nature, he is a great warrior, fearless, brave, and gifted with special powers and abilities, willing to face any challenge, like the imposing feline he represents, to help his people and do what he thinks is right. In the stylized format of the MiniCo line by Iron Studios, the figure of this classic hero in its cinematic version is portrayed by Chadwick Boseman. Don't miss your chance to add the Black Panther to your MiniCo collection! The Black Panther MiniCo Collectible features: • Limited Edition • Based on original references • Made in PVC • Hand painted • Base display


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