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Batman HQS + Premium Statue By Tsume Art


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Succumb to the sweet madness of the DC Comics universe as you roam the darkest streets of Gotham city, watched by a certain Caped Crusader: this 1/6 scale Batman collectible statue HQS Plus by Tsume!

We see here the Dark Knight pouncing on two delinquents. He is breaking through a stained glass window inspired by the Ultimate Comics Batman # 50 Cover, representing the portrait of his worst opponent, as the clownish make-up of the two attackers is claiming their affiliation with the infamous Joker!

Batman wears his legendary fear-inspiring costume in Kevlar and dark cape in Nomex to roam the Gotham slums. His pointed-eared mask conceals his identity as he proudly displays the mythical bat symbol on his chest. Devoid of superpowers, his strength lies in his intelligence and great mastery of martial disciplines completed by the use of cutting-edge technology gadgets. Taking flight, Batman swoops down on his prey and throws it violently into the trash cans, while his crime companion is electrocuted by a batarang ... He will end his race in an offside position, crushed on the lamppost, only light in darkness …

Every detail of this scene inspired by the Jim Lee design holds us back in this dark universe, especially the smile graffiti on the red brick walls, the wanted posters of the two delinquents plastered by the police department, the headlines of the Gotham Gazette or Gotham Globe, the municipal election posters bearing the effigy of the ambitious Oswald Cobblepot, the black bat on the front of the plinth, or just a mask hanging there, probably waiting for the right face ... As you can well imagine, the Joker is approaching dangerously, ready to retrieve what belongs to him!


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