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Action Figure Five Nights At Freddys Circus Freddy


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  • This bundle includes the main item and one randomly inserted trading card (may be inside the product packaging). There's a chance to receive a valuable rare card! If you return this item, the trading card must be returned.
  • The characters from the frighteningly popular horror game FNAF are sneaking in!
  • Will your FNAF collection survive after the action figure steps amidst the other animatronic figures?
  • This Articulated Figure series features characters from the popular video game designed in ~4" to ~5" scale <b>(NOTE: Due to the unique design of each character, the actual size of the figure may be slightly smaller or bigger than stated)</b>.
  • Perfect collectible items for all FNAF fans 15+. Due of the theme of the original content, this is a collect?ible item for collector 15+ only.


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